Magazine F NO.28 SPICE


2 Intro
8 Letter from F
12 Fish Epics
Tuna and cod—the fish that started it all
36 Marine Life
People from all around the world who make a living at sea
43 Academic Manual
The history and breakdown of fish species alongside sustainability trends in the industry
64 F Cut
Primitive aspects of this pure and fascinating ingredient
72 Interview
72 Francesco Stara
The head chef of Fradis Minoris serves honest dishes made with ethically sourced
78 Kwangmin Kim
Sushi no Aya’s owner-chef presents his own world of flavors and shows his intense
focus on detail.
84 On the Table
A variety of fish recipes
100 Sea in a Can
A thriving world of canned fish in Portugal
114 Salted Fish
Jeotgal salted seafood, a traditional culinary culture from Jejudo Island in Korea
120 Obsessed
The lifestyles of marine creature explorers
128 Interview
128 Charles Clover
The cofounder of Blue Marine Foundation talks about the destruction of marine
ecosystems and extinction of sea creatures due to overfishing.
134 Fumitoshi Kano
Dashi Okume’s owner reframes dried fish from a contemporary perspective to boost
future value.
140 Market
The time-honored history of traditional fish markets that epitomize regional culinary
cultures involving fish
146 Seasonal Calendar
A calendar of when major fish species are in season
148 City Dive
A city guide by F
150 References
Recommended books and videos about fish
152 Outro
158 Index

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