Magazine B No.89 ARC’TERYX


Arc’teryx, originally named Rock Solid, is a climbing gear label based out of Vancouver, Canada. Dave Lane founded the brand in 1989 in hopes of making better climbing products based on his experience out on the rocks. Renamed in 1991 to Arc’teryx, a stylized abbreviation of Archaeopteryx lithographica, the first known bird, the brand demonstrates its enthusiasm toward evolution in clothing production processes. Since the debut of its signature ergonomic Vapor climbing harness that evenly supports impact load, Arc’teryx has unveiled a series of innovative products like the Alpha SV, a windbreaker with excellent waterproofing technology, pushing the standards of the outdoor apparel to a new level. Furthermore, the brand’s design-focused urban techwear line like Veilance and System_A put the brand on the map with celebrities and members of emerging subcultures.

Table of contents

  • 02 INTRO
  • 12 VIEWS Aesthetics of Arc’teryx in retail spaces
  • 20 OPINION: ERANG SONG, GEUNSIK PARK Worksout store manager Eran Song and designer Geunsik Park talk about the distinct value of Arc’teryx in the market
  • 26 LAYERING The unique vibe of Arc’teryx users working in various fields
  • 36 OTHER BRANDS Items from other brands that echo Arc’teryx
  • 40 OPINION: DAN GREEN The Arc’teryx senior director of Advanced Concepts says the secret to making the best product is embracing trial and error
  • 46 ARC’ONE Arc’teryx Vancouver factory serves as a test bed for the brand’s products
  • 54 LABORATORY Manager Bill Burke gives a tour of the Arc’teryx R&D lab with a few demonstrations
  • 62 TECHNOLOGY Simple experiments prove Arc’teryx’s technological prowess in waterproofing, windproofing, reducing weight, and heat retention
  • 70 TESTS AND TRIALS A space of possibilities where designers start creative 4 experiments
  • 76 PRODUCT GUIDE Categorized as techwear, Arc’teryx products run the full gamut
  • 84 ICONS GORE-TEX, a core material used in outerwear and outdoor apparel, reveals the true value of Arc’teryx
  • 90 STORe The Arc’teryx philosophy as reflected in its Vancouver and New York outposts
  • 96 OPINION: TAKA KASUGA Creative Director of Statement Taka Kasuga leads the brand’s creative path through Veilance and System_A
  • 102 NEW WAYS Charting the evolution of Arc’teryx and new directions for outdoor wear
  • 110 INTERACTION Artists share inspiration with Arc’teryx around the theme of sustainability
  • 118 BRAND STORY Arc’teryx: How it grows and sets technological standards for hiking clothing brands
  • 124 INSPIRE The Coast Ranges, a huge motivator for Arc’teryx
  • 128 INTERVIEW: KARL AAKER, KATIE BECKER The direction and vision of Arc’teryx from VP of Brand Marketing Karl Aaker and Chief Creative Officer Katie Becker
  • 134 CLIMBING The frontier spirit of Arc’teryx that resembles climbers trailblazing through uncharted nature
  • 138 SUSTAINABILITY A brand that moves with nature—and its CSR principles
  • 142 SOCIETY Communities at home and abroad that embody the spirit of Arc’teryx
  • 146 DIGEST Numbers representing Arc’teryx and the cultures surrounding the brand
  • 151 OUTRO

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