The Denim Manual


Denim Design Manual is a visual fashion handbook which provides an authoritative insight into the denim industry for fashion students or those already in the industry. Alongside hundreds of design ideas and tips, it includes extensive information on this ever-popular material, from history and design details to finishing and caring for your favourite denim pieces. As with all Fashionary publications, Denim Design Manual is highly illustrated throughout with an accessible text and infographics to present information quickly and clearly.

This indispensable guide to denim is set to become the next ‘must-have’ for everyone in the fashion industry.

  • The most comprehensive Denim book covering history, denim fabric, design, washing and care.
  • A complete collection of denim fabrics, washes, and terms.
  • Easy to understand, with over 700 illustrations and photos.
  • Covers insiders’ knowledge and tips to help you become a denim expert.

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