Monocle issue 155 July / August


Where is the best place to live? What makes a city tick? How can we improve our lot? Monocle’s Quality of Life Survey has posed this question for the past 15 years and 2022’s July/August issue contains the latest. How does your city fare? Plus: hot looks, sunny stays and the perfect summer playlist.

The world’s urban centres are flourishing once more despite pandemic-related predictions of their demise. Editor-in-chief Andrew Tuck celebrates our cities’ resilience, vision and innovation, as evidenced in Monocle’s Quality of Life survey. The city is back. For believers in urban living, the past few years have been a testing time as think tanks, columnists and handwringers have talked up the exodus to the ’burbs and beyond, predicted the decimation of all retail, said that the WFH movement will derail attempts to revive pandemic-punched downtowns.

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