Frankie 112


Gigs and concerts are back in full force, and we’ve wasted no time in rocking out at the pub, scream-singing in stadiums and silently tearing up in a small dark room full of strangers. Live music is good for the soul – and your health, according to science. Not that you needed a study to prove that hearing your favourite song in the flesh is basically the best thing ever. The euphoria of thrashing your body around for a few hours, of feeling rather than thinking. Gosh it’s good. Over on page 89, we chatted to a few of our favourite up-and-coming musicians whose tunes make us cry with joy (we hope they have the same effect on you). We’re so bloody lucky to have a thriving music scene in Australia, so let’s keep giving artists our love.

See you in the mosh pit,

xx Emma and the frankie team ■

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