China: The Cookbook


Part-gift book, part-design object, part-visual history, part-product design tome, Tools For Food is, as the title suggests, a book that explores the history of our most-loved and intriguing kitchen items. This culinary journey takes us around the globe to explore the utensils that went from primitive necessities to specialised equipment, and, of course, those that reversed this process; diving into the history of these objects uncovers how and what we cook has changed over the centuries.

Divided into chapters by function – store, cut, grind, squeeze and mix – each section will contain 10-20 tools, representing the evolution of how our most significant and necessary kitchen tools came to be, showcasing their origins, right up to the most popularised, iconic or cutting-edge versions of today. Each image will be accompanied with information about this particular version’s origin, as well as fun facts about its relationship between culture and cooking.

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